So after listening to all the statements and press conferences relating to this recent shooting in Florida it got me thinking about a lot of different things within our country.

Never before have we been so polarized things are leaning more towards the left in the right the red in the blue the right in the wrong by definitive nature of each person it's starting to create worry in my mind that we cannot collectively work together as a peaceful people.

We are currently looking to snitch on her neighbor gone are the days where you can go to your neighbor's house and ask for a cup of sugar.

Going to the days in which your kids can play outside unmolested.

Are political stance no matter what party affiliation you believe you are part of is completely out of whack and in complete chaos at all times never before have we had 24 hour news coverage surrounding our president.

News actually isn't factual anymore if anything it's just a legitimate reporting based upon justifiable opinion of said person.

This worries me because kindness is almost lost upon Society.

Quite frankly I'm not exactly sure what we're supposed to do to fix it but I do see the problem however to fix it it requires all of us to start becoming trustworthy people again to understand integrity and know what's right and wrong to help people who look like they need help and not ask someone else to do it.

We need to take the initiative to be helpful to our humankind and not premeditated judgement of people before they're even given a chance to speak.

This circumstance could have been better understood if we reacted better to the information we had, could it be that this kid has been giving us lots of red flags and we have been forwarding the information on to the next person that's making nothing go into effect?

Don't be Miss confused at no point in my defending this kids actions because they are terrifying horrifying and incorrect and at this point he's a villain not a victim.

But could it be that this kid had mental illness in which he was asking for help getting nowhere with the help he didn't turned to rage anger frustration then ultimately down an evil path?

I deal with mental illness daily it comes in many formats it comes also in Disguise some people are actually very functional people this also has a heavy requirement of the upbringing of the person if they are brought up in a good home the odds are they probably have a format of mental illness that they can overcome because of the kindness and care that they were given growing up.

But if they grow up in a broken home you may very well see what the product result is of lack thereof family understanding.

Sadly our government cannot be the answer they're not very good at anything they have the best intentions however all of their actions are based upon overthrowing power Or creating rules and regulations that no doubtfully just create more problems in different ways

I'm not saying I know the answer I just wish to say that I'm extremely worried about the state of our country and I am hopeful that we can find kindness again.

I've been spending time writing a syndicated network of websites that allow you to submit your content, Movie, Stream or anything really creative to the mix for it to be blasted across the web to be in view of hundreds of gamers. And the viewerbase grows beyond that daily.

My goal is to create this free marketing tool for gamers to share their content and spend little to no efforts in marketing and more time in proper content creation.

So far i have the youtube viralizer down pact. Now I must find more effort in getting viewership to twitch.

We built an amazing community filled with amazing people and amazing potential.
It was more then just bringing back a game for us. For us it was a chance to dive into real world problems. Solve things and evolve our talents and skills.

We believe we have done that, With the DCMA in action we promised we would shut down if we ever got the message. Not due to the fact that we have to but because its the right thing to do.

Even though many of you are upset at EA. We respect and honor the fact that the game got made in the first place. We are honored they let us run for 3.5 Years unrestrained that is a long time.

We got a large chunk of nostalgia built right up. and we learned a lot about volume vs costs. We learned how to defend against attacks. We learned how to secure and contain your privacy. We learned how to track and rank you. We did so many amazing things with so very little.

We built an amazing community friends. This Facebook page will not go to waste. We promise it wont turn into a click hole. So if you want to see what might be around the bend. Stay tuned here and don't unsubscribe!
The Phoenix will be reborn. Just no the the shape you assumed before.
Your Community Manager.

Listen. Don't pay for anything automatic. If they are claiming they have built a "Tool" to manage your social media. Take time to consider why they made that tool in the first place. The Winner in marketing is ROI and Monthly residuals. To you the user that's Monthly payments. But Little did you know. Those tools grant themselves full access to your account at the same control levels you have. Leaving room for empowerment or hostage situations.

Facebook and many other platforms if a profile is setup correct you can automate your social media experience with ZERO costs. Hand holding Dashboards are a cash grab. Many of these tools can be found free of charge.

My website has many of these very same tools free of charge to show the world they are getting taken for a ride monthly.

Be careful. don't Sign contracts without reading them. And if its more then 100 bucks a month for marketing a site and returns you less then 300 users a day. You got problems.

So I've been testing some theories of how reactionary advertising works and how people use websites. Intact I've put slot of effort into this site with the same principles applied

A lot of creators tend to think they want a full and feature rich site filled with color. They want a loyal base of people.

I've learned that you don't want a color rich site in a revenue enhanced site. You want the ads to draw attention but not be intrusive or passive-aggressive.

You don't want loyal users you want slot of "zingers" those who are board and interested in tidbits of info.

This website will slowly progress over the next few weeks. Its my hope that my efforts here will eventually pay off. Right now I am focusing on social media services, Basically things people can view and click when they are board. Most of the things here right now are designed as Facebook directors as Facebook handles mobile and desktop actions for this.

You may have found yourself interested in a article on Facebook So you click on the link interested in picture number 6 or what happens next in the news article. I am merely capitalizing on this building a network of viewers.

Thanks for taking the time to visit this page. It is a work in progress I do know. And I thank you for coming back from time to time.

So I've been focusing more and more on my website, I've wasted years trying to build a community and spent little time on a resource for myself and a collective site of my efforts. So I started to build upon this site. I Figure the best way to get started is to take all my projects and codes and get them ready for the masses.

Update with the latest code and get the site functional so that people can start using it. There is some things that are kinda built to grab attn. and some things that are actually useful here. This website hopefully will become a collective of amazing and helpful things.

Control4 Now for the EA and HC800/250 Series Control4 has introduced a migration tool designed to help you move controllers. All that is needed of a dealer is to place a new controller on the same network and then place the new controller in the project, Under "Tools" in Composer Is the "Wizards" option. Then select the Migration wizard option. Select the source and destination wizard.

Once the migration starts you then watch over the project. The Director you are connected to will disconnect. Just ignore this as this is a normal thing. Once the project is completed

over the course of years I have learned that being frustrated angry or outspoken will get you absolutely nowhere.

It is not something that is helpful when it comes to working with others, ironically humans understand anger they know what to do with it then know how to respond to it.

one of the hardest things I've seen humans try to do is look from the perspective of another, there many times when you see someone who appears to be having a bad day you assume that they're just having problems with a current situation that you see however there may be an underlying tone that you just don't see.

taking a look from there point of view helps you understand why they are feeling that way what's actually going on and how you can be an asset to help correct the.

let's take this from another point of view let's say you have a whole field people making fun of you this is downright making you depressed and it's getting into your skin maybe the underlying reason could be there is Envy in the air maybe they see your success and they are jealous of such a thing maybe their life is worse than you have it so therefore there attempts are to bring down you.

take some time to clear the air and understand that seeing things from there view makes all the difference the world

Today Apple released the latest version of AppleĀ® iOS for iPhone and iPad. With iOS 11, Apple is ending support for 32-bit iPhone and iPad apps. For homes running Control4 OS 2.5.3 and earlier, the legacy Control4 MyHome app for iPhone and iPad (with the gray app icon) will not be able to be installed or run on iPhones and iPads running iOS 11. The current Control4 app for iOS is not affected.

Who is affected?

Users running Control4 OS 1.7.4-2.5.3 and using the legacy Control4 MyHome app (the app with the grey icon).

Homes running Control4 OS 2.6 and later are NOT affected. The latest version of the Control4 App for iOS will continue to function after the iOS 11 update.

What this means for you:
These userss will not be able to install or run the legacy MyHome app on an iPhone or iPad running iOS 11.

Ask your dealer to Control4 OS 2.10 so you can use the current Control4 app for iOS.

For users that cannot or do not want to upgrade but still want to continue using the MyHome app, Control4 recommends they do not upgrade to iOS 11.

Android users are not affected.

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