it's all about the right state of mind

This should be a picture.

over the course of years I have learned that being frustrated angry or outspoken will get you absolutely nowhere.

It is not something that is helpful when it comes to working with others, ironically humans understand anger they know what to do with it then know how to respond to it.

one of the hardest things I've seen humans try to do is look from the perspective of another, there many times when you see someone who appears to be having a bad day you assume that they're just having problems with a current situation that you see however there may be an underlying tone that you just don't see.

taking a look from there point of view helps you understand why they are feeling that way what's actually going on and how you can be an asset to help correct the.

let's take this from another point of view let's say you have a whole field people making fun of you this is downright making you depressed and it's getting into your skin maybe the underlying reason could be there is Envy in the air maybe they see your success and they are jealous of such a thing maybe their life is worse than you have it so therefore there attempts are to bring down you.

take some time to clear the air and understand that seeing things from there view makes all the difference the world

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