Welcome to 2018

This should be a picture.

A new line of blue is coming out this year. We started with this new site to start we will be progressing and adding features to it every night. We will be rolling out competitive play and amazing perks.

It might not look like much now. but thats how all great projects start. Its how revive started and its how the next big thing will appear. We need you to help us fill this new hall with your amazing content.

We are blue entertainment we are the oldest and strongest community in the gaming world. For over 15 years we have watched the gaming world grow. We have been behind some of the biggest and best community projects ever seen. If there was progression in a videogame or a step forward for the player We had something to do with it in some format.

Now we are going to focus hard on PUBG and Battalion 1944.

Battalion 1944 Needs our viral push to succeed. It's a game that can be amazing. Its grass roots can start off very basic but grow into the community game we once clinged to in the past.

PubG is a overnight success. No DLC, No Play to win. Just pure carnage. And the anti climatic "Winner winner chicken dinner" screen is honestly the best way to say you are the best player in the map.

We will be using the tools and skills at our disposal to expand pubg to be more with our blue twist we do.

welcome to the new blue community and welcome to 2018 a year to strive for.

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