Why don't schools teach kids about finances?

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Posted: Mon, Mar 11, 2019 at 8:40 AM - Showing 527 Views

Generation upon generation of kids going to public schools are taught how to read how to write how to do basic arithmetic but the one thing they do not teach are finances and taxes.

I constantly ask myself why this is not taught. It's a fundamentally important trait among successful people. I myself not being so particularly good at this factor really wished I was taught early on the principle of money I mean importance of its existence within our system.

I wish I was taught early on how to balance a checkbook. How to foster a budget, the breakdown of what interest really is and how loans are prepared.

one of my biggest frustrations up today is we live in a contract driven society in which people are encouraged not to read the contract but the only sign at the bottom.

to be taught that when I am sold something the math must make sense one plus one must equal to if there's any obscurity or vagueness within the bottom line or the end total there's obviously a hidden factor.

we live in a capitalistic society in which everybody is out for monetary gain no not everybody is inherently evil towards that cause but it is best described as being incredibly efficient at getting the maximum amount of wealth.

Our public school system is training our children to be great employees. But not to be financially responsible critical thinkers.

Think about it raise your hand and wait your turn. This type of teaching and training makes you really good at standing in line at the DMV.

a idea that sending your kid to public education is enough to teach them everything they would need to succeed in the world. No granted it does teach a good chunk of very basic skills that are everyday required for this world.

They do not teach about a true entrepreneurial spirit. We have many people out there today could you clear that they are an entrepreneur because they have wonderful ideas and great vision. But truly lack financial responsibility.

I fully understand how hard it is I myself or not a perfect practice agent of what I'm preaching.

Responsibility to save is incredibly important. But it is unfortunate that saving alone while is a fantastic idea it all by itself will not a masi the richest you think it will. Unfortunately we have this creation of inflation and all inflation does is degrade the value of your savings.

The end game here is you should really be teaching your kids about money at the very most teach yourself and then teach them.

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