Comcast is getting more evil than ever.

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The age of the internet is upon us, internet speeds are getting much faster we're now presented with proper choices as far as media and we spend a lot more time on the Internet is opposed to television. we are finding our demand and need for streaming content through the internet to become more important than actual channels on the TV.

Comcast definitely knows this that's why they implemented the bandwidth cap long ago but yet told everybody that they weren't enforcing it even though they really are.

Typically a standard House of maybe three or four will burn roughly about 500 gigs a month.

homes with more kids and more games such as Netflix players and cell phones will easily breach 1000 gig cap per month.

Comcast knows this and it's charging people additional $50 for 500 gigs extra.

Comcast as of late has decided to start pushing most of it support calls to India who typically as a call center in India doesn't have much policing behind them as far as policy or good mannerism.

One tactic that the the third-party call centers are really fond of are transferring you to other call centers that are not related to Comcast whatsoever. these agents have been known to transfer you to places like the Michigan light and power or another type of call center that will quickly transfer you into some type of support queue so that way you can hold for long term and then talk to someone who will generically answer the phone saying support agent how can I help you or something along those lines which implies very heavily that Comcast researched how to get rid of people.

it used to be that you could take a cable box anywhere and people caught wind of that and started moving extra cable boxes to help supplement the bill by letting their sons and daughters take their TV box to college and plugged into the Comcast network.

once that became more widely known Comcast started deploying mocha reliant technologies which it made the device is absolutely useless if taken away from their Master box this definitely solved that problem but it certainly has given Comcast more reason to not like its customers.

in many towns and cities Comcast is typically the best decision even though they're the worst of evil they are no match to the contenders around them.

Most times you will find yourself with the option of DSL that can barely pull 15 megs or fixpoint Wi-Fi that costs an arm and a leg.

Comcast knows this and leverages the lack of care because of what they've lobbied over the decades the government absolutely help them become as evil as they are today.

So how do we fight back can we fight back and what do we do to fight back?

well there's a long-standing list of things that we can do to help ease the pain of Comcast because a lot of people would rather pull their teeth out with a old pair of pliers then to call Comcast.

I'll soon be compiling a list of things to do when you call Comcast to help keep you in control and better negotiate a bill that is more practical as Comcast being as evil as they are they also empower their agents to lie and threatened to keep costs down knowing this and knowing what a thority they do have and do not have over your life well help you keep your money down and their greedy hands out of your wallet.

we have to speculate and ask real-world questions such as this wi-fi network that they're building they're using our power from our homes to generate a mesh of Wi-Fi for their cell phone networks.

they are providing telephone numbers to us but are they using those numbers to call other people?

They are inviting themselves into our networks they are installing Wi-Fi systems within your home using a mesh system.

when you build a mesh system you also have a secondary effect of creating a wireless radar sensory system because all the wireless nodes are out there they are pinging to one another so one would have to ask the question is Comcast tracking our movement in the home with these systems?

personally I don't know this but I do ask these questions based upon the real capacity that they are providing themselves and I can't accuse of what I don't know but I can see the technology and I can also tell you how well it could be misused.

and when you have a company like Comcast can you really believe that they're going to do the right and honest thing at all times?

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