You cannot escape RF radiation

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Listen I understand you're upset you been reading articles that say power meters are going to fry your brain 5G is killing babies.

these articles are unfortunate and most of them are filled with propaganda however we are surrounded by RF technology we are being irradiated daily with a multitude of RF technologies.

There are definitely arguments to both sides of the plane but unfortunately RF does have some type of risk based upon regulation this is also why we created the Federal communications commission or the FCC for short.

yes particular radio waves can cook your food and can also cook your brain if not regulated properly but most RF technologies emit some level of radiation based upon distance but this is also a misconception based upon the fear of nuclear radiation.

There is a huge difference between the two RS where nuclear energy is a self-powered cloud of radio energy there is no nuclear isotope in RF broadcast.

The energy is supplied by third-party I'm a transmission is purely a wave of energy that is been controlled.

5G is definitely coming and no it's not going to kill your children it will honestly do good more than it will do harmthink about it have you ever complained about your cell phone not working the internet being broken or how your calls are constantly being dropped?

a lot of that has to do with Central fixed point wireless which is what most cellular devices are.

Currently you will have hundreds of cell phones connected to one Cellular tower that solar tower is in charge of managing the data and expectation of every single phone within miles.

if you're looking for something to microwave your children ask them to climb one of those towers.5G intends to break that down instead of having one master broadcast tower they would break it down into smaller beehive like notes that way each device takes care of less phones in their proximity and by doing that they can then use a spider web effect to route your data through the fastest method.

Remember all that panic about smart meters that use the exact same technology your smart meter is nothing more than a Wi-Fi device it is not broadcasting cancer.

people say it's not Wi-Fi because that's technically true but if we're going to generalize it's absolutely Wi-Fi let's get really nerdy by saying typical Wi-Fi runs on the radio frequency 802.11 go smart meters run on the radio frequency 802.15 4 megahertz more than Wi-Fi that is not a measurement of more power that is of shift to the left.

your smart meter will then hook up to neighbors with your information to pass along know your neighbor doesn't get to see any type of personal data this information is useless to you.
Your power meter sends a encrypted file stating how much energy you have taken from the grid for that month and it will pop along all of the neighbors homes until it makes its way to a receiver which will then send it to the billing office.

this is an incredibly efficient technology because it gets rid of the need to pay for meter maids and the more we can cut that costs the cheaper we can make energy.

No granted not all smart meters are made the same some have been made with terrible design flaws and some of them have been made to outright undermine you as a consumer.

Some of them catch fire and burn houses down and some of them are Miss calibrated to where they read wrong. So because of this you have more have a chance to burn your house down with a smart meter than you are to contract cancer from its existence.

I know that statistics sucks but my point being implies heavily that there is no imminent danger I'm a tumor growing in your head because of a Wi-Fi device on the side of your house.

Radio frequency is everywhere it is all the same it just runs on different spectrum. Your key fob your garage door opener your Wi-Fi router your cell phone all these things broadcast different frequencies of the same thing.

there are studies that do show that radio can create cancer and they are studies that show that radio can kill cancer.

It all very much heavily depends on what frequency and what power you are running. and it's unfortunate however there is a large flux of ignorant people out therewho will scare you with incorrect propaganda does clouding the truth that most radio technology out there is a benefit to society not a burden

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