LED lighting is understandably difficult but easy to overcome.

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just like doing amperage and wattage calculations on a high-voltage service panel LED lighting needs to be held to the same structure.

It is extremely easy to overload a DC transformer with LED lights. Even though the amperage is on a much smaller-scale LEDs have a very low tolerance for under wattage.

If you suspect an 80 watt DC transformer for 95 Watts worth of LED lightingyou may not have catastrophic failure or none of the lights show up you might actually have weird strange independently symptomatic problems.

because even though you have a transformer bringing your voltage down every single LED bulb has an independent voltage stabilizer.

essentially a circuit that make sure that the LED can never get too much power

If you give a regulator circuit not enough power it goes into what's called swing lock the symptom is a blinking light that flickers.

It's perfectly okay to get an oversized transformer if you're only going to use 70 watts and you get a hundred you're not going to blow up LED lighting.

Has again every single light bulb that has a voltage stabilizer and a regulator however circuits will act strange if the power is not enough.

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