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The establish media networks of America have been reporting the news for quite some time, in fact we have come a long way from on the news turning on at the end of the day for a few hours to 24 hour news coverage of panels of opinions.

Within that time the media has planted a seed extremely deep within the minds of most Americans. The message was universally this is what is happening all we are doing is reporting it to you.

This is fundamentally become the groundwork for the trust of the media.

During the time though that trust has turned into confidence small adjustments to a story here embellishment there overtime these small liberties have swung egregiously out of control into the now formed situation that we have.

Everybody claims that our current president makes wild accusations that the media is fake. let's be clear he's only pointing out things that we all been thinking for the last 10 years.

Because we have a person within power stating such outrageous claims it throws people into anger and accusation.

the granted not all of his claims are based upon fact a lot of them are based upon feelings that he just vocalises through Twitter and other avenues we have two effects because of this

because it has become such a norm to embellish or expand a story with little tidbits of information to sensationalize this has become culturally the normal status within the media.

Because of this media agents outraged and claimed that they are being done a terrible disservice by someone who has such a large platform to articulate opinions.

People of the media are genuinely upset the people think what they are doing is fake.

I don't sympathize with them not particularly mainly because when you make an article about just the facts or get into true investigative journaling nobody reads the article there isn't enough sensational gossip and dirt on the situation for people to give a complete and utter care.

This creates a double negative effect you can't make it in the media industry without a juicy story and you can't tell the truth out of fear but your job yields no monetary gain.

because of this President accidentally set years ago by small embellishments of the truth it has now become a norm and thus compounds are problem.

are government on a federal level has many problems one of which is the media but it's only a very small slice of our problem it's really just the most public face of our problem and has become quite the battle between our current president and the unofficial fifth branch of our government leading to more of the same politics as usual.

This head off between the media and our president is a glorious distraction for the house and the Senate to maintain status quo therefore they feed into the media war as much as humanly possible.

I believe the only true way to maintain our bureaucracy and our republic is for all party reform.

This starts with a very simple principle.

term limits for every Branch the years can be adjusted based upon the effectiveness requirement per branch what needs to happen.

Fresh blood must be in the system. on a non literal stance the terms from time to time liberty must be refreshed with the blood of patriots for liberty to stand does not mean that we need to go around killing people.

It means we need to have fresh blood leading our country as much as humanly possible with new ideas and modern understanding of situations and ideas.

This comes from the painful Google Senate hearing to watch a half dozen senators with no real grasp of the internet try to hound dog officials from Google.

This Isnt Finished yet.
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