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For Open Release:

I am a resident of Loveland Colorado. A While back we all at large voted to approve the municipal broadband Initiative.

While I Understand that we cannot disclose maps of progress where the service will be available for competitive advantage. I Believe it should be the subject of a city talking point to present a construction time frame sheet.

To the savvy its called a "Gantt Chart" I am not asking for estimate ETA's or Projections in this chart. I am asking for "WHATS ACCOMPLISHED" So We can as a public at large see when things go stagnant and WHY.

Typically it all boils down to approvals with costs and city votes at the table. A Gantt Chart will help create a visibility map to create a required pressure to progress this investment we have begun together.


I passionately believe as so many that the internet is a portal to so many beautiful things. Many MANY companies start in the confines of their own homes and flourish. Nothing would make me happier to see technical innovation within my city starting from the warm flickering light of a fiber optic glass wire attached to the homes of this fine city start in a home. To Grow into a retail/office space of this city due to the availability of a proper a-sync connection.

Today many people investigate where to live sole on the quality of internet available in the area.

In Loveland's current market we have a have the ruse of choice but we all can agree that there is no choice and we reluctantly choose Comcast as the only viable option.

I am asking to NOT let this initiative fail. I am asking that we all bond together on a collective idea we all started rolling years ago now.

Effectively by actually creating a viable competitor for Comcast will effectively pressure innovation, Better prices and Greater availability.

Brieana Reed-Harmel is a brilliant mind whom I believe can pull this off. But she cannot do that if progression cannot be allowed or made at the table.

I am asking for the Gantt Charts not to hold her accountable as I fully believe she would gladly stretch the bars on a chart.

I am asking for this chart to hold the the elected accountable to move it forward.

If you believe as I do, Please Like and comment. If you Disagree make your claim known.

Civil Discourse is a right we all share to move forward in the exchange in ideas and progress.

This Isnt Finished yet.
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