SnapAV MOIP Starter Kit.

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MOIP is Starting to take off in a big way. Here is a sales starter kit to make sure you get everything you need for a good setup.

The Controller
You only need one per project. This device is the controller. The central orchestrator for all the parts.

This is a single source transmitter. You need 1 Transmitter per Input device. For Instance if you have 3 apple tv's 2 Roku's and 4 Dish Boxes. Then you would need. 9 Transmitters for your project.

This is a receiver. Its 1 unit for each TV in the house. If you have 4 Tv's Then you need 4 Receivers.

Network Switch
Its best to dedicate a switch to your MOIP Project. Treat the switch like a matrix of a HDBaseT System. Plug all receivers and transmitters into the same switch. If you need to link switches use a fiber optic cable between switches. MOIP Relies on Multicast technology and this technology is very network intensive. To avoid headaches practice multicast isolation.

Understanding Multicasting Traffic
Yes this is extremely dry. However Extremely informative.

More Understanding Videos

Router and Standard Network

You will need a device that will give out the IP addresses and prefrom your basic Network Settings.

Here is a Detailed Overview How to Set it up:

This Isnt Finished yet.
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