The days of the DVR are dead.

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Okay so when I say DVR you're probably thinking recorded shows being saved to a hard drive on your machine this is something that TiVo champion back in the day and this is something that a lot of cable providers would build into their service but today we have a systematic shift and how we handle media a lot of that happened with the big cable providers changing the way big present media to you.

We also have a extremely large ship with how data is saved security camera systems we no longer use a good old coax cable and pull a camera across the line and if we do that technology is so old and so blurry that you can barely make the criminal out on a postage stamp.

today most cable providers provide you your channels through means of proprietary internet meaning that the show is streamed to you from a database if it's not live and if you want to save your video this is simple as requesting that would be flag is a standard video.

you still have the experience of a DVR but in reality black box it's really just flagged as this is what I'd like to see again in a database somewhere where the video is still lives at Central command.

Much is the same with the new NVR technologies in cloud connected cameras it's true that we stored data directly at the source anymore this just become service calls and trouble.

the creation of the cloud is amazing however that also kills your opportunity to be in control of your data if it is truly yours if we're talking about TV shows technically according to our current American law that property is not yours you are merely leasing viewing rights in the private home.

However camera companies that are providing services such as cloud connected cameras

those companies are providing a service at a monthly rate store you are footage in their world with a long laundry list of terms of agreement such as lack of responsibility for breaches of your private video data or research analysis to gather information about you.

Kind of unnerving if you really think about it.

But to be completely blunt about this entire post most of the data that you think is yours really isn't yours anymore because it's now in the cloud and you sign that away to the provider of the cloud.

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