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There is the great phrase if you are doing nothing wrong and you have nothing to fear.

This phrase is quite literally a definition of privacy and its greatest format but it is not the reason why you want privacy it's not about you doing the right thing with the wrong thing, it's more about your freedom to choose without being watched.
United States it is proposed to be a right to privacy.

But with our growing technological mountain of eroding privacy we are actually facing new and never before experienced privacy problems.

Currently we live in the digital cowboy era of technology where everyone is trying to make these brilliant in new products.

Data breaches are coming at us at an alarming rate due to the fact of money driving the real desire to keep costs down and the inventory moving but very little is invest in security until a company gets caught with his pants down.

Unfortunately the story of how everyone has to learn the hard lesson before they become wise much is true with current technology companies.

They're very much interested in providing features and convenience for the user while taking security with a relaxed idea that obscurity is he good enough obstacle for the internet at Large.

However these companies then soon fall term to a massive data breach where they make station statement saying they're not sure that they have been hacked they can't find a way in but in most cases it's because make a secure enough login or the company made it all too easy for a man in the middle attack to occur.

I myself am not immune to this idea just last week I setup a server the host of video game what is incredibly rushed trying to deploy the service that I alienated certain security practices.

Within a day my virtual environment was entirely corrupted buy a standard and good old-fashioned RDP brute Force attack in which the attacker pushed up against the remote connection of my server until they breached once they got in the encrypted my entire virtual computer environment with a ransom note.

Of course this is the internet and I should know better it was entirely my fault and lucky for me I didn't have anything on that server that was a value but if I did I would have been up shit creek.

Honestly the worst embarrassment that I felt was letting my friends at their game server had been irreversibly compromised I'm going to have to start over.

and then that moment I honestly thought to myself I'm smarter than this I know better I know that's not something we should ever do.

That in a nutshell prompted me to write this article. Companies are not doing this because they're trying to be evil companies are doing this because they're trying to get a product deployed as fast as humanly possible and at the lowest price.

Amazon isn't trying to spy on you however when Amazon has subjected with a massive amount of data data scientists look at the information as marketable equity. The more information they obtain about you the more they know your habits which in a retailers world is marketing Bliss.

you're not trying to be big brother but it does kind of come down that way with such a great amount of data being collected in the privacy of most people's homes the convenience factor tends to go both ways.

Such as a great example would be Alexa with inside of your home a lot of people love her existence to help the turn on lights when their hands are full. We're just simply asking what time it is.

but because of her intelligence to the central computer that is the Amazon cloud service privacy becomes a challenging statement.

Is that she is a speaker and a microphone that is connected to the internet.that microphone constantly has to be listening for the trigger word and in order to do that it has to process audio signal now one could say that the audio signal for the trigger word is stored within the little computer of the device however with my rationale I exposed earlier this post having the processor that's constantly listening on a local level seems a logical but it's cheaper to do it in the cloud.

maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Amazon will correct me but it feels like it would be more efficient to have a open stream in which it listens for certain words within a computer algorithm before it expands on the coat tree what to do that but audio stream would have to be forwarded to the master server.

And without getting too deep into techno jargon let's just say that I'm pretty confident that Alexis constantly streaming audio into the master server.

We as humans are not exactly the most innocent and that's when privacy should be expected as an undeniable right.

Let's take this example as a very good reference let's say that you get in an argument with your friend we're still friends but in the moment you're angry and you have a conversation with your wife for your husband about how angry you are with your friend.

I do lash out audibly by saying I'm going to kill him even though your intentions aren't there to do so you audibly blurted it out.

It would be nothing nothing would go about nothing could happen you would go to bed wake up next morning and realize it was all no big deal.

but let's just say we have this little. And I don't know if she's reactive on these things or not but let's just say she could be let's say she hears the word I'm going to kill him and reacts thinking but there is danger the current context we're framing there is no danger but that little box doesn't know any better and here's the magic word for danger and what she fires upon an instant alert to the authorities who arrive at your house.

Congratulations you not have to explain the context in your conversation and how you really didn't mean it.

DC how inconvenient that would be no system is directly trying to be evil or cause trouble but they are trying to help the greater good and sometimes that can be misconstrued context is important devices that are intended to help us don't always executes proper judgment

the future is going to be amazing we are going to fix these problems we are going to move forward but I assure you during that time of moving forward we will hit some rocky bumps.

And it is better to experience these bumps and refined them into perfection then to abstain from technology all together and treat them as a tinfoil product.

No technology is perfect it is always an evolution and a work in progress.

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