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Please Note. This is my random storage portal for the research, The formatting is confusing and random.

The Article I posted was created January 24

The First Patient was found December 1st and was admitted to the Jinyintan Hospital with unknown Ammonia And was reported to not be near the market.

After identifying covid19 as its own strain 45 Patients were reclassified having covid19 Starting January 1st Then that number grew to 207 Between January 1st to 11th.

Decimal 30° 22′ 35″ N, 114° 15′ 45″ E
30.376389, 114.2625
Wuhan Institute of Virology

On December 10th 15 Cases were found at the Wuhan South China Seafood Wholesale Market,

Research shows No bats are sold in the market.

Book 2015

BELT AND ROAD Initiative


"Within the Chinese Red Army, the concept of people's war was the basis of strategy against the Japanese, and against a hypothetical Soviet invasion of China. The concept of people's war became less important with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the increasing possibility of conflict with the United States over Taiwan. In the 1980s and 1990s the concept of people's war was changed to include more high-technology weaponry."

November 29th Would be the incubation period would have started from the information above.

Gp41 Protein - A glycoprotein on the HIV envelope. HIV enters a host cell by using gp41 to fuse the HIV envelope with the host cell membrane.

HIV Gnome Responsible for Infection Platform

Infection path is identical to COVID19

This could be a viral weapon that is synthetic. However the release of it was no intentional but more accidental due to relaxed protocols of bio safty.

OPNION - This might be a Chynobil Style Event. The Reaction is identical by the CCP that the USSR had in the 80's



WHO Miss-direction


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