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We were extremely foolish 15 years ago maybe more depends on each company that slowly became dependent on China to create and manufacture goods.

Honestly it was a slow erosion of control for the sake of profit. Nobody wanted to talk about it because it was a machine that continued to roll down the hill benefiting everybody involved.

But now that we have this virus that has plagued our world it has brought to lights and really important things.

Things that I personally have rejected over the years as much as a humanly can. Things I have been called stupid for my opinions until now.

the pharmaceutical industry decided that they would make most of their medicines in China. It's interesting that we are relying on China a communistic regime to help us with our medical industry by creating inexpensive drugs.

Thing is though China now is not a third world country anymore If anything it's prospering it has pulled itself out of being a farmer's economy to a production economy.

Or once the average income was $150 per week per employee it is now shaping up to be more like $5,000 per month maybe more.

thus the appearance of the decline of cheap labor and the levelization of economic rise.

This was actually good timing but at the same time a bad form. America got so ingrained with China manufacturing processes that they were so resilient to shift or change once they had manufacturing lined up and already installed in China.

As they say why change what works and for a while it worked a lot of technology companies relied so very heavily on the production of technological goods

It is actually gotten to the point now where conclusions are not made in America whatsoever. to put insult to injury we do not have the technology available in any of our manufacturing facilities across our country to even think about manufacturing televisions at a large scale nor would we consider it considering that China can do it for a bottom dollar.

due to the virus however it is put a wonderful hiccup in our system in a bad way of course because there's always the virus itself but on an economical scale it is actually changing and bringing to light something that's very important.

Companies need to diversify their manufacturing portfolios to survive that or bring everything in house at a higher price.

We've seen this clearly and true with the Corona virus now let's hope that we don't forget the past and fall back to something that we so desperately need to change.

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