Was the Corona virus an accident with a twist?

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All right I know what you think of course it wasn't an accident it was a conspiracy or it was just something that has conjured by nature well let's look at this..

The city of Wuhan has a biochemical laboratory who focused themselves on infectious diseases and had a high class biological containment facility where they managed these things for the PLA which is the people's liberation army the army of China.

This facility handled a lot of biological weapons potential.

what if the covet 19 was accidentally exposed to the world not by malicious intent but by a pure accident of negligence within the facility.

Then we need to ask ourselves a more pressing question this is the communistic regime no different than how the USSR was during Chernobyl.

it would be incredibly embarrassing if that statement above was true wouldn't it.

So maybe the outbreak was indeed a true accident but the cover up is what makes it heinous. China being a communist degree regime of course would say things such as it is a natural element even though we are finding that the strain of the virus looks like it is an ailment of three natural viruses that has been synthetically engineered from different strains.

So the argument could be said that it is indeed a natural virus that would make it true and false at the same time

By the molecular breakdown has elements that are strikingly similar to other viruses such as HIV and malaria.

maybe this virus was a weapon in the making and wasn't quite there or was never intended to be released the way it had .

but this idea can't be too far-fetched from reality especially since China is a country that is technically at war with the Western world.

An old conflict called the people's army brings up many striking tactics that surround motive that precurs this virus.

No I'm not saying again that this is intentional I have a feeling that this was a terrible accident due to lack safety standards of the facility.

Due to the outbreak China doubled down modify the terms the employing the WHO to become its talking head of legitimacy which we then later find out is entirely false due to the current pandemic that proceeds us.

It is entirely possible is it not?

During the Chernobyl disaster the USSR told the world that there was no known danger to the explosion at the power plant and maintained that narrative all the way up until Finland discovered large amounts of radioactive particles in the air.

This exposure of the dangerous radioactive material to the world was an incredible embarrassment to the USSR and many argue that this was the reason why the USSR fell.

China unlike Russia has no recourse for being embarrassed they have no value of human life whatsoever as the Russians do they will double or even triple down their narrative to make sure that their story sticks.

China is a big fan of guerrilla warfare as they know that they're capacity to fight the American superpower on a direct head-on war would be a detrimental cause.

they are big fans of modifying their structure so that way there is no recourse or political impact for the choices they make.

One being American manufacturing American companies will send engineering schematics and designs to Chinese companies only for those companies to take those baseline designs and perfect them into a new competitive company.

And then when the American company finds out they have no power to defend their IP whatsoever and they ran that risk in the first place by looking for the bottom dollar.

The world health organization is supposed to be a consorium to keep an eye over the world almost as if a beloved mercy angel.

But instead I believe it has become corrupted by the Chinese government to help legitimize their issue.

China has had its hands within the American institution for quite some time as it has come to light that many ivy grade professors were getting large payments from the Chinese government to help with biological and technological advancements.

on top of that the Chinese government has been ambiguous enough to those professors to make them not realize what they are working on big picture.

I think initially it was an accident and they knew about it well before we all did but they also turned it into a new narrative trying to argue that it was American soldiers that brought it in but when that narrative did not stick they had to readjust on the fly.

As time always does it will expose the truth. And as they say time will tell.

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