Be in charge of your happiness.

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I want to make this clear to my friends because I believe this soundly in my heart you are in charge of your happiness nobody else however people around you can be in charge of your sadness and what you allow yourself to be subjected to.

If you find yourself in a position in which people around you are telling you that you are not good enough or keep leading you on to no end I can tell you that there is better opportunities out there even though you don't think there is.

The internet has done a great job of making it look and appear like applying online is 4 million steps of bullshit

I'm here to tell you that it is all bullshit Don't play or subscribe to that crap do not sign up to a website that will tell you that they can find you a job because that's simply not true and it will not help you.

Online training websites are seeking your payment nothing more and they might do a blockbuster job of giving you a education if you will but they will not give you a job even though they might proclaim that they can.

The best thing you can do for yourself is create yourself a personal website resume

Then once you have done that and have all of your information about you that is simple and to the point you then land yourself on craigslist and you start posting that website in response to whatever job you think you want to do.

You will be rejected many times you will be told that not looking for you many times.

Keep trying do not stop do not believe them because somebody out there will find you That's a fact.

You will never be found if you give up That's also a fact.

It is always been my mindset that if I am not happy with in the position that I am in I open myself up to the world and see what happens.

And a good policy to retain your happiness is to do the following and this is what I do.

Every time someone shits on you at work or tells you you're not good enough write that down take it home and apply to that many jobs within the amount of shitty things they said.

So if someone puts you down three times and says you are worthless three times on Tuesday then Tuesday night you apply the three jobs.

Never ever shoebox yourself into complacency because that is what every employer wants of you is to stay in your box.

Work hard do your best always take pride in your work and always admit when you're wrong.

Take ownership in your mistakes and be able to use the word I'm sorry Don't use it too much but definitely be able to say it when you are indeed at fault.
When you do use the word I'm sorry take great care into the reaction of people that you are administering I'm sorry too and how they receive it.

because if it's received with a way to berate you then you might have to ask yourself where their moral stance is cuz compassion is a two-way street.

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