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Almost a decade ago now I created a smart car with extreme amounts of self-driving capacity. It was created using technology ran by Microsoft which is a lot to say but that's not why I'm writing this article.

Today cars are starting to add technology to their inventory. For so many years car companies have actually avoided doing this because they felt it was logistical nightmare but after being upended by Tesla they're starting to change course.

The only difference is Tesla now has a head start in the matter The car companies are now trying to keep up.

One of the models is called software as a service which is actually really big in creating reoccurring revenue for companies.

when you were buying a car that's newer than 2012 you must understand a lot of technology nowadays are building themselves into a service-based model that it requires you to pay monthly for a product that functions.

due to the advancement of cellular technology it is getting easier to disconnect the services with what is called OTA communication.

The fact that your car has been given free Wi-Fi for a year is also the same reason that you lose a feature tomorrow because you stopped paying for a service.

cars are a lot like a TV industry they're going to keep a product updated only to a certain point because they're objective is to sell you a car not maintain your car even though mechanics out there will maintain your vehicle for you on a mechanical level it is getting to the point where you're going to need a computer information's degree just to run and then work with a car and a lot of technology will be built proprietary so that way only the dealership of its origin can work on the service.

this business model has been set up to create a financial success for the company selling you the car but also will become a detriment to their cause later.

What I mean by that is your 20/20 car with the latest features today in 2025 your car will be declared old and most features that existed on it will become destroyed or deprecated because of the lack of communication from a mothership.

this is actually been happening in the computer world for quite some time with games.

The irony here is that back in 2005 video games were starting to get into this business model of maintaining a service except they were not charging for the service a lot of old video games out there started to shut down their services because they were not of a paid model which led to people reverse engineering the game to continue its lifespan.

I predict this will be no different for the car world as car companies will start deprecating services people will start hacking their vehicles to use other parted services to maintain the longevity and usability of their product.

People to say the future of cars is going to be quite interesting

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