Don't keep your head down.

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It has been said by many people over the years If you keep your head down and work hard good thing will come to you.

Well that statement is complete in total bullshit.

This is the doctrine of the industrial complex during its inception. You're told to go to school to sit at a desk to conform to a schedule work hard and go home.

That mindset has been burned into schools that translates into most of the industrial labor force and for a very long time corporate America.

Mostly because it works for the masses and it worked for a very long time but as we are evolving in our society this business model is becoming more and more irrational.

Especially now that that system has been fully ingrained with a efficiency marker that can only be described as deceptive and predatorial to the working force.

I once didn't experiment where I typically work 40 hours a week. I created a control where I worked exactly 40 hours for 2 weeks during that time status quo was set and nothing was accomplished in a greater style other than normalcy.

I then spent two weeks burning 60 hours per week, what I noticed from that experiment is that nobody noticed any type of advance in effort.

it taught me that all the cogs were working as they should but none of them were asking critical business questions.

it also taught me that the installation of the industrial complex is well suited for my parents' generation.

But my generation is typically a disruptive one and I don't always agree with all Patriots of my generation I do know that our generation will probably cause the most amount of hell per capita.

So we are now currently living in a really incredible time where things are crazy and nothing makes sense.

My parents are lost on the idea that I could work at a job for 4 years and be completely done with the company.

Their mindset is I could find a place and be there for 25 to 50 years.

and I understand why they think that that's strange because when they were in the workforce at our age companies actually did value their people they wanted them to be successful so that way the company could be successful however unfortunately nowadays companies believe that people are expendable and replaceable and thus are treated really as tools rather than they are treated as people.

My generation basically serves tours at companies now where they sign up for a couple of years and do some duty work and then move on I have personally learned the only way to financially succeed is during the moment of negotiation.

because chasing that extra dollar is quite literally the most worthless act you will ever do in your life.

it took me a long time to figure that out but chasing a bigger hourly wage is absolutely ridiculous.

Instead of pleasing the boss and asking him or her if you're doing all right and if you could have another dollar on your plate it's literally another level of servitude.

what you really want and it took me awhile to totally understand this is salary.

Hourly allows companies to grind down to your effort level to where they believe they can cut your hours rather than cut your pay.

they can kick your home early because that's cheaper for them.

As to where salary creates a fixed price you cost a company the exact same amount every year.

And then it is up to you to work at or above the rate that they request you to work at which is typically 40 hours a week.

Get yourself into this financial position first because this means that you will become valued when you do the extra work that actually can financially be noticed.

If you put that free time into it You're quite literally adding value to the company itself and therefore you can claim that value as your effort.

If you're an hourly worker your effort becomes a detrimental cost against the company No matter how hard you work.

If you go above 40 hours that means you're hourly rate becomes time and a half sometimes double.

You are no longer at a statistical advantage to appear and as an asset because you are not adding value to the company you are really just working harder and longer and the company pays you accordingly to that which is the truth on both ends but it also creates a captivity for yourself and that's why you won't get ahead and that's why they're so reluctant to give you that extra dollar.

You absolutely must negotiate what you believe you are worth you must be an asset to the company for them to pay you what you think you are worth.

One of the bigger things is can you actually do the task that they ask upon the job description If you can say yes to most of the things on the list you should absolutely apply regardless of the bullet lists of academia they request.

Most of those are their primarily to either a get people who are actually qualified and be get people who are able to be slightly defiant.

because modern business knows that a slightly defiant person is able to move amongst the system that grinds along the lines to get to the means of an end which is typically the biggest problem that companies have is the inability to get to the finish line effectively and properly.

The underlining theory here is that you need to believe that you are a tool not the other way around. They need to see you as an asset to the company you need to see yourself as a tool to accomplish the goals that they are in desire of.

When they start seeing you as a tool they will start abusing you and using you but if they start appreciating your existence and become an asset to the company.

And you are a salaried employee who is bringing in more value than the cost of his salary he or she becomes an asset.

I assure you I'm not talking out of my ass I'm talking of past experience there is a job out there in every economic crisis in every economic position there is definitely a position for you you just have to look hard enough.

Nylaism and defeatists tend to give up early. And those are usually the most vocal to tell the world that there's nothing available but I assure you this will become a cage of your own mind.

There is always a job always a problem to be solved and you can be that person that solves that problem and can fill that job.

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