Water Level Sensor

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So I've been dealing with a condensate problem for quite some time in my air conditioning system. They make this automatic condensate mitigating box for about a good $70.

problem is is that I'm spending too damn much because they are rusting out because of chinesum parts.

So I got to the point where I'm now $200 in replacing the shit and I'm over the moon sick of buying another So I'm going to take what I've invested and double down on inventing one that doesn't break.

I need some way to monitor the level of water without rust problems.

And so to do that we're going to use a plastic hose that's dipped into the water container that as the water rises so we'll be level of water in the tube thus creating pressure against the pressure sensor.

The pressure sensor will read its value and tell the pump if it needs to run or not.

In this diagram this is purely just the wiring and coding necessary for a level sensor.

I've learned it's best that we started a base level and then we graduated to more complicated programming.




const int sensorMin = 70; // sensor minimum, discovered through experiment
const int sensorMax = 250; // sensor maximun, discovered through experiment
void setup()
void loop()
int sensorReading = analogRead(A0);
// map the sensor range to a range of four options:
int range = map(sensorReading, sensorMin, sensorMax, 0, 16);

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This Isnt Finished yet.
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