A Letter to the City Made with Love

Written By engineerisaac

Posted: Fri, Jun 12, 2020 at 9:49 PM - Showing 198 Views

All cities have flaws. No place on earth is perfect.

When we choose to help each other regardless of race, Gender, Political affiliation or likewise. We foster a place we are proud to live in together .

We must do our very best, Our part and Find Love for the city we find so dear. Have compassion for the broken. Have heart for the weak. Be bold when we are strong. Maintain a level of civility that holds the city together.

We have been through a lot this year.

Our city has never seen such hurdles before. Our council isn't perfect. they are human. Our Police are not perfect they are human. Our Citizens are not perfect they are human.

But the one constant is we are all human together on this flying rock in a vacuum of mystery.

I ask all of you to maintain one simple truth. Control only what you can control. Help when you can help. Defend when you can defend. Love when you can love.

Its easy to find hate. Its hard to listen with a open mind and an open heart.

Our great city isn't perfect. But its got love in the name. So that is a good start.

This Isnt Finished yet.
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