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So you would like to be a good leader You would like to be in charge, You want to be the guy behind the desk telling others how they did wrong. You want everybody to do the job for you.

Congratulations you are far from a leader and this is far from the definition of leadership.

Leadership needs not to be taught as if it is a glorious star to be pinned on your shirt leadership is to be seen as a burden a wonderful burden of responsibility.

Good leaders know that to be respected you have to be the strongest and the one who does the most good towards the cause of the team.

humans collectively are incredibly powerful creatures If you portray the right ideas they will literally go to the end of the Earth to solve a problem.

what are the greatest examples of our time is Elon musk and his methodology of leadership.

He knows that if he works 80 plus hours a week if not 100 or more and sleeps on the couch he will set an example for everybody else in the team to strive for not because he proclaims it in a meeting but because he works it by example he does the effort.

this is true in leadership If you want your team to be as excellent as you expect yourself to be and you have to show them what that looks like that can't come from behind the desk it has to come from blood sweat and tears and sacrificial effort towards something you believe in.

If you believe in it so greatly whatever that task mean You can get others around you to believe it the same.

If you expect the layer of quality then make sure you don't corner cut in front of your friends or your employees.

Understand that your team can be great can be amazing can be incredibly productive but only if you allow them to thrive in that environment by showing them what it looks like.

The current business model that I'm in has no real need for direct marketing we have a $0 budget for making a fancy website or advertising on the radio or television we have no need for that our customers sing for us.

but that's because we go out of our way to the very top to make sure that the product we are installing is absolutely phenomenal and perfect and exactly as we said it would be.

If there is a problem or a mistake our customer without any moment of doubt knows that we will make it correct.

such a solid foundation came from great leadership. such simple things like not taking the elevator and choosing to take the stairs in front of your employees is a great marker Little things that you don't tend to pay attention to but yet speak volumes in the intent.

So keep in mind leadership is not a privilege It's a burden but it is a burden that empowers you to show what you expect and if you truly expect greatness everyone will follow your standard but you first have to be the one to set that standard

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