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So you run a company and you want to sell products to them anybody can do that anybody can sell the moon, but they truly beautiful marketing campaign is one of quality Believe it or not everybody wants a a quality product.

Many will sacrifice the idea of quality for a cheaper idea but what happens is they get sold the idea of quality while getting the opportunity to cheapen out.

now a salesman will start this mindset of if I can give it a little cheaper it will fit in their budget and I'll get the sale this mindset is dangerous cuz all it's doing is creating a precedent to the customer that they got what they wanted at a better rate but yet still maintain that expectation of the same quality and when things don't pan out quality goes down and reputation dies.

To be a truly legendary salesperson you have to have the confidence to tell people no.

and why would you tell people no well after all you are the expert they hired you to be the expert So by damn it you should be the expert.

If a design isn't panning out you should be very clear in telling people this will not pan out the way we think we need to go about it a different way we have to follow the quality path If we cannot find the quality path there's no sense in doing the work.

Had a lot of people call this the bluff but let's be honest it's notIt's the Stone Cold fact that ends every job If things get cheapened out there will be mistakes corners will be cut and problems will arise later this always happens.

Being upfront and honest with the idea of making sure that something is designed properly is to be executed in just the same logic will retain quality and thus retain respect.

when the end product is delivered and quality is maintained even though they spend $10,000 or maybe $100,000 more then they were originally intending they still will remain satisfied that they got what they paid for.

because let's be honest they're trying to buy something and when they receive it and it's an exact same if not working / better condition than they expected they are pleased and the value in the service and product is retained.

If problems arise during the creation or render of the service the value slowly depletes. When that value depletes you have things like contested bills charged back and customers understanding their ability to take advantage of you.

The overall idea of this entire article is to imply that quality is the most important thing about your service or product. There is always a customer willing to pay the right price and it's good that you shut people down who are willing to cheap out

If those people who choose to cheap out aren't your customers are you really losing?

but denying those corner cutters they have to look elsewhere and if that means that they're going to Johnny trunk slammer then so be it Johnny trunk slammer will not manage their expectations and failed them miserably they will return later.

but if you install a beautiful and a quality product to a person who understands the value of what's they're paying for they will speak volumes to their friends who have the like set of mind.

And that's we'll start a chain reaction of quality customers

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