The misdirection of perceived kindness

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This idea that we want people to be kind and honest to each other is a noble one at best. But unfortunately humans have flaws within them, some will steal from you some will cheat some will lie and some of the rare occasion have no reservation to inflict harm upon you.

this idea that we should blindly trust people sounds incredibly wonderful but in fact it's incredibly dangerous.

Living in a society which is free of rules and law will follow native course. We just have to look at history in other countries to find our example of what could be our world is big enough to have every scenario already covered and unfortunately as humans we are very good at forgetting our history even if it's not our history we are good at forgetting the history of the world.

That's why here in America we have a second amendment right to bear arms That's not because we want to go hunting it's because humans are flawed on a weapon can be used to heighten the playing field to those honest it is a method of protection to those dishonesty is a method of intimidation.

if we got rid of guns within our country we would have the same problem but instead it would be with knives if we got rid of knives it would be the same problem but with fists.

it is noble to believe that humans can be kind amongst the city without rules but it's also an irrational rule.

Anarchy appears to be as of late a wonderful alternative however it comes with problems mob rule and mentality can be very dangerous at a blink of an eye you could be accused of something that you had no part of and there is no process for proof or justice there is just you being accused and moments later you face down in a pool of blood you could have been innocent it wouldn't matter the mob got their justice and they would have moved on but your life would have been snuffed out sitting nonetheless.

rules are inherently the thing that holds society together and when our rule system corrupts it is indeed incredibly dangerous but we only have the people who corrupted them in the first place to blame.

Right now we are angry at the cops and I understand but they are not directly the cause of this we have to go further up the chain to what allowed those cops to get away with such things what policies were written that protect the cops in an unrational form.

What policies were created that allow this police officer to find a way to innocent himself among some murder he committed.

The cops are really the vessel but they are not the cause they are the ones executing the problem on the street and they are indeed as corrupt as the chain above them this is a systemic problem and it needs to be cleaned out from the top The top implies politicians.

let's just break it down to a single state let's go to Washington DC why is the police force armed to the teeth why do they have the capacity for armored vehicles amongst the civilian group who if they did their job properly would have no recourse or fear.

why would the politicians need such a heavy level of protection if they are adored for doing their job well maybe it's because they're not doing their job and they're finding a way to systemically destroy.

We have too many problems within our chamber walls are politicians can make too many multi-purpose laws that sneak in funding for things that their pet projects imply too much lobbying happens which allows a politician to get a kick pack for making a choice when was the last time someone said I'll give you $10,000 if you decide yes or no?

there's a large underlining problem with society it's called greed and corruption and it's not come from capitalism it's come from corruption within the walls of capitalism.

Capitalism has no defense mechanism for green sometimes it even rewards greed but let's be honest a free market if left to be truly free greed will not last long Gradle ultimately deny a product's ability to be qualified as a good product and the public will reject it thus the funding will return to another source That's the glory of capitalism.

But because of the government's intervention some products are allowed to continue living some are even bailed out this should not happen but it does daily in the millions.

It all breaks down to our inability to be kind to each other soon we start seeing everybody as direct strangers and granted a person walking down the street not connected to you in any way is defined as a stranger and you don't have to care about their opinion but you also should at the very least have compassion that they themselves are their own person with their own problems.

I think at the very core of all of our problems we lack compassion and kindness for each other we worry too much about what our internal images that we tend to vilify everybody else in the process of doing it.

Even in the smallest man pawn shop sometimes there's conversations of how do we screw over the customer that logic is extremely dangerous because that is by far the baseline of the corruption that is causing so much turmoil within our country.

We need to get back to kindness we need to find a way to enjoy our fellow man's existence we are way too divided and because of that there's too much poison in the veins of society

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