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Posted: Tue, Jun 23, 2020 at 7:49 PM - Showing 187 Views

When posting a link to be used as an argument in a debate. We live in a connected world in which a simple Google search can bring results that justify your case and mind frame.

some websites are more accredited than others but there is always content The source sometimes becomes lost and sometimes gets turned into fact even though the website might be satire.

Too many people on social media post a link thinking that they have solved their argument with a uno card are unanimously posting the link.

However statistics have shown that most people don't listen or click the link.

If you would like your link to be used properly then it should have some context as to why you justify this link to be valid in that conversation.

This does not take much effort just a simple paragraph explaining why you think that the article you are sharing has merit in the conversation.

Most times the statistics show that people just Google a backing article to help defend their viewpoint.

But then when contested upon the matter the viewpoint is vague because the article in which they believe backs their argument sometimes may actually not because they themselves have not read the article.

We call this headline hunting and it is quite a problem within our current media system.

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