Shadow banning what is it?

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Posted: Thu, Jul 02, 2020 at 8:28 AM - Showing 59 Views

What is Shadow banning and how does it work?

well let's be honest there's no one way for it to work there's how it's applied and how it's adapted. I've become quite an expert on Shadow bending over a couple years mainly because I had to deploy it but then I look back today and realize that that was not a very good choice but at a fear that Hysteria would burn out of control amongst thousands of people was a real threat.

So how do we placate to people how do we make them think that they're not banned when they really are how do we suppress their opinion while giving the perception that they're actually succeeding in their message well we shadow band them.

Shadow banning is typically a situation in which a post gets made on your platform and the exposure of that post is suppressed to the viewers but not the creator of themselves.

This becomes particularly easy when you require every single user to log in through a portal.

you also then can expand that transparency by making it incredibly easy and seamless that the login progress is almost invisible.

Facebook does a really good job maintaining your connection to your account credentials but in reality you are logging in to Facebook through a closed portal in reality no anonymous person can log into Facebook unless they create a dead information account.

That's step one then step two is not that you have control over identity you now can control who gets to see what.

Let's say someone posts something unfavorable to your opinion you can choose how you display that to everyone else but yet leave the original posters view of the information untouched.

you didn't can create algorithms to implied like-minded people can see the post so that way it gives the appearance that there is activity but yet completely block its existence from neutral parties

Back in the old days when you had forums you totally could see this action in play because conversations would slowly lose their context and you would see entire posts be missing in a thread.

today you can actually sequester the comment fields to a group of posts by hiding the previous posts under the guise of real estate consolidation.

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