Facebook is so incredibly Unproductive.

Written By engineerisaac

Posted: Wed, Jul 08, 2020 at 12:29 PM - Showing 62 Views

I find myself arguing with strangers, Talking about nothing. Posting about nothing. There is NOTHING there. No longer willing to post pictures of my kid on it. No longer allow myself to be consumed by it. Its a cancer.

at what point my old boss was so absorbed with Facebook that he told me I was not allowed to talk about certain topics on Facebook does it might hurt the feelings of some vendors.

I'll be honest that's never how I rolled if there's eggshells on the ground I'm going to walk through them with my shoes on sorry I'm not going to tiptoe.

if your product is trash I'm going to tell you bold face to your face that your product is trash and You're welcome to change my mind.

If you do a great job I'm going to praise you and say that you did amazing because you earned it.

Do not apologize for shit that's petty and everything about Facebook is petty. it has become filled with armchair warriors arguing about politics and frivolous stupid shit.

It has literally turned into my parents' generation arguing about nothing on a platform that's inconsequential to changes in the real world.

it creates fear-mongering amongst the masses and controls the mindset of way too many some-minded people it is dangerous and therefore I'll have no part of it any longer.

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