How Delta Transformers work.

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Your American Home comes with 2 Lines of 120V and a Bridged Ability for 220V
A delta is the triangle. Think of a magnet rotating in the center of that magnet. to generate the power. The phases are offset. So each phase handles a 33% of the motors turn.
However there is no motor at the transformer. so we just stack 2 Triangles side by side and use eletromagnetics to transfer the energy from one coil to another.

But at the power plant. There is a rotor moving along this triangle.
At the power plant however they stack tons of triangles on top of each other. to generate more amps per cycle. Here is what that looks like.

Broken Down a very potato diagram would explain the phases like this.

Once you understand that the planet has what is called an electro magnetic spectrum and its all connected together as one large and vast line of elements you start to understand how electricity is just a transport vessel for magnetic energy.

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