The problem with pentair.

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Posted: Tue, Jul 14, 2020 at 1:23 PM - Showing 68 Views

Pentair pool controllers are pretty simple in all reality they're nothing more than a handful of relays but we have come across so many problems trying to integrate them into any format of automation and I have found this to be frustratingly true not only in control four but crestron as well who controllers should by theory just manage temperature and turn things on and off no more complicated than your household toaster but for some reason the people at pentair can't seem to get their head wrapped around the idea of why anybody would want to use their automation system to control their product The problem that I come across is that they like to blame the automation system but in all reality what happens is the pence air controller which is to my assumption will most likely experience a bad moment of EMI or electronic magnetic interference and when that happens the communication model within the master controller or the brain of the pentair system no longer likes to adequately play ball with the automation system I'm willing to bet that pentair has found this to be a true problem and has figured out how to accompany it with their own software The problem is is that they haven't translated that into an usable API for us automation folk so the short answer at this current juncture is you can't and the only direction you can give after the device experiences it is either a spread lots of money and replace the device or be grab the pentair aqua link driver that they've created for themselves.

I apologize for the run-on sentence and I will amend this but I figured I'd like to get this article out at least to get my thoughts rolling about it.

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