Twitter just suffered a major breach

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Posted: Wed, Jul 15, 2020 at 6:06 PM - Showing 188 Views

Twitter got breached by whom we really don't know suspect says that China is to blame but there's no proof yet what has happened here is thousands of people who are certified allegedly posted out proclaiming that if you give them $1,000 in Bitcoin they will return it $2,000 feeling charitable.

at first I thought oh wow this guy is actually being really charitable but in reality it's now come to fold that it's happening everywhere.

Twitter suspended all verified accounts for a couple of hours to fix this problem but oh boy it's a doozy and that definitely shows the security breach within Twitter.

It's definitely got me thinking again about the security of inclusion and why you should not allow corners to be cut for security.

Twitter has spent a serious amount of time changing the words in their system so that way they are exclusive or woke.

put in reality they should have been focusing about the security of their system because this is a massive undermining of the Twitter system.

Twitter relies extremely heavily on section 230 to even exist and the fact that they have very pathetic security uneven the most basic level is actually terrifying to say the least.

if you have a Twitter account I highly advise you create a unique and isolated password for that service.

I have suspect to believe that many people used the same login credentials for tick tock as they used for Twitter it's not uncommon for that to be a thing however that's such some basic level stuff that I doubt it's even that.

Either case Twitter is a paramount system used by the mass media and if by chance they are breached that would rise many questions as to the security of our nation.

it's weird how this would caveat into China but trying to start into act like a tyrant like a national problem. And this Twitter is really just icing on the cake if the conspiracy believes to be true.

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