You got to let me experience sticker shock

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Posted: Thu, Jul 16, 2020 at 5:48 PM - Showing 286 Views

Too many times I see salesman working all too hard to help the customer by saving them a dollar well let's be honest the customer doesn't want you to save them a dollar they want you to install the product because you are a professional they want it to be done well.

They wanted to be done right and of course they want the best price but the best price isn't your cheapest corner cutting pile of crap it's the best quality for the best bang of buck it's still the okay if they get sticker shock because then it just creates drive.

Everybody goes for the cheap price Heck that's why China Rose so fast in power it's because they were able to offer a cheaper price for an inferior product and us as capitalists are able to consume.

but we are starting to get into the age where we don't want cheap shit we want a good product that will last us a long time we're getting sick of this disposable era.

so as I tell all the sales people I've ever come across you need to stop thinking with your own wallet and start thinking with theirs.

sure it does require a bit of fortitudeto understand what the customer's needs are that starts by listening to them. try to find out what their desires and wants are and if they're looking for a cheap product advice that they should probably pick up a Best buy Harmony remote and tell them to have a nice day but if they want to quality product or a quality service that's your entitled to provide because your reputation proceeds you on this then by all means make sure your price tag reflects your ability to do your job and do it well.

if you do not maintain this expectation and create a relationship that you are the cheap product and you're also a charity people will start finding out that you are indeed a cheap charity who gives away labor and products which is totally not a good business model.

you must price your service to be fair and according to your ability to solve the problem if that means that instead of the customer saying that their budget is $5,000 and the closest you can get is a $15,000 bid then buy all means they're definitely going to choke on the price but that's okay because they're going to stew and they're going to marinate on that invoice maybe for a month maybe for a year maybe for 5 years but who knows they will come back inevitably saying will you still honor it.

and when they come back you say absolutely I can honor that but I have to adjust because the price is changed. but you also stick to your guns to maintain your reputation that you install quality this is how you get amazing customers

and those amazing customers will talk to their friends who are also amazing customers and lo and behold you have a user base full of people who like you because if your ability to solve a problem proficiently and you stick to your guns on price nothing gains more respect than being able to deliver a product in which the price point you demanded and you also make a profit because after all we live in America and we are running a company.

any customer that decides they want to be angry at you because of deliverance is because you did not set a precedent or manage any expectations but yet instead pulled the rainbow gun out and shot them with rays of sunshine that made them feel good to write a big check.

but let's be honest if you told them the truth and you said this is very complicated this will take a lot of time The products cost x and this will probably span out over the time of a few months to get installed not only will you get an extra couple of zeros on that check but you will have breathing room to solve the problem properly and give them a lasting product that should entail last the quality mark they expect.

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