Small world isn't it

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You ever hear that phrase it's a small world. We heard that from time and time when we have our friends talk about their friends and how you know someone from where or how you went to the same college but you were just a year apart?

Well it's true Even though we are all vastly separated on this planet we do connect we are pretty close to each other. We do go about living our lives rather independently but yet we do cross paths with each other.

There is a movie that came out called Munich and it's a great telling story to this cause of a bunch of assassins retaliating against the slight that happened against their country.

Only for them to become professional assassins did they start becoming paranoid of their own demise sleeping in the closet worried that all the slights that they did to others might happen to them.

Well the movie itself doesn't focus on this psychology it's a very visual and telling depiction of what can happen when people are evil to each other.

I see this everyday and I've classified it into two different categories I work with all types of characters on a daily basis but there are classified in my mind as two people.

We have the honest.
We have the dishonest.

For me be honest will welcome me into their home and tell me how to unlock the garage or where the key is so that way I can render the service they requested in their home.

The dishonest will get down my throat about what I'm going to do where I'm going to be how long is it going to take what is it going to cost.

By their mannerisms they show their origin of how they treat others. I've learned that when you focus on helping people by being kind it will eventually come back to you.

or if you leave a company you'll find that most of your customers will want to follow you with them even if you're changing industry they'll find a way to beg you and say please how can I have you help me on the side.

By being a genuinely good person you can find yourself being rewarded by friends. By genuinely helping people you will find that people will want to help you back.

as employers if you help your employees even though they have not earned any moment of it you have anything will show that you respect them and you will go out of your way to show them that and in the future they will stand in front of you when something goes wrong or they will do what is right to make sure your interests are protected.

But if you decide that your employees are just tools and it is expected of them to do those little things that protect your interests think again respect was never given.

Employees if you think the employers are just going to give you a monetary raise because you're a nice guy I think again if you go out of your way to protect the interest s respect will be given and you may find that your employer will go out of his way to help you when you need assistance.

Now both of those paragraphs above make you ask the question well who goes first?

That's where the leap of faith comes in somebody will have to take a risk or gamble and think if I do this someday someone will help me in return not as an expectancy but as a calculated gamble that if you do good you should receive good later.

Overall this entire rambling rant is all about being kind to each other.

Some people call this the order of karma I just call it being a good person.

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