Companies no longer care about your loyalty

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Your parents talk about how you should go find a job that will last you for 30 to 40 years Make it a career they said. Unfortunately the business model of today has nothing to do with the career in reality businesses are a lot more fierce than they were back then no longer are the days to wear a company requires Nancy to type in front of a typewriter for 8 hours of day.

Now today companies are fierce and they expect people to perform your loyalty means very little to the modern employer he wants you to be productive he wants you to be innovative and when you stop both of those things you're no longer an asset You're a burden and therefore you are asked without mercy.

Businesses have been pressed upon by politicians for so many years now that the requirements are so steep that companies would much rather keep you a part time just to avoid all the benefit requirements because some jobs can't muster up the value after all the benefit requirements have been in place.

many chains out there like McDonald's and alike instead would hire double the amount of employees at part-time just to get around this requirement.

Do that The mindset of the CEO of a company is no longer about the success of a company but more so to maximize profit now while I understand that that's not necessarily an evil thing The government did a good job of helping the employer in thinking how to keep as much money as possible in the company.

It's all over time companies have evolved and have figured out how to evade over regulation ran by clueless politicians.

Today the employee should be thinking more like soldiers in the army or the Navy where after they've created this mantra of being useful and productive they then constantly are deciding should they stay in or serve another tour or should they get out.

Lately I've been thinking about my job says really tours of advancement how far should I go in company a before I deport the company b because I no longer want to be loyal to the company that doesn't care about me.
Ensure that selfish but you have to keep in mind that you're donating your time to better someone else's adventure.

so many people think that they should break down their job to an hourly wage when so many positions are really dusting for the respect of a salary paid position.

Converting your employees to hourly implies that you think of them as tools as long as the tool is moving or the cog is spinning in the machine it is valuable even though it doesn't need to be addressed if it stops moving that stops getting paid in

This destroys all mark of trust for an employee we live in an information age to where it's easy to distrust employees and ask them to fill out forms every waking moment or be tracked by a GPS or questioned about their ethics.

The employer no longer gets respectful employees they instead get cog workers who want to clock out at the immediate time.

The allure of overtime is also as equally pathetic. trying to tell an employee if you work extra you get overtime well let's be honest I don't get a lick of overtime in my current position but yet I make three times as much as I did when I was hourly.

Why is that oh it's because I'm salary and it's also because I work the agreement of my term in this current company that implies that I would donate time to solve problems be available as an asset.

It's a trust it's a handshake, an understanding between me and the employer.

Don't get me wrong when I join the previous company everything was exactly that way I was given lots of trust I was salary and I wasn't tracked every baking moment of my life but over time an employer chose to hire bad actors which soured his ability to trust and because of that I became victim of that mind frame.

Because othersweren't able to be trusted I somehow fell into that pool as well and because of that it destroyed all joy and effort I had working for that company so the only sensible thing to do when someone does that is to leave and leave without burning any bridges

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