Your yellow lights are my pet peeve

Written By engineerisaac

Posted: Thu, Jul 23, 2020 at 5:53 PM - Showing 197 Views

Listen I understand that you're in construction and you don't want to get hit and I understand that so your hazard lights need to be relevant in order for them to be relevant though you need to turn them off when you're not a hazard so many of you forget to turn them off every time you forget to turn them off when you are no longer a hazard completely invalidates their purpose and becomes just another moment in which people question the vidility of their truth.

If you are a construction hazard and you literally are required to be seen for safety then by all means turn them on but the minute you re-enter the highway and be present no hazard please for the love of God turn off your lights they are no longer relevant.

This is just like Mexico police back in the day they would leave their lights on to create a persistent presence as they moved around to get people to get out of their way and respect their presence unfortunately over time of that have a tree people no longer got out of the way and just kind of poo pooed off the fact that the lights were even on because they were so commonplace.

so I asked you very politely if you're not a present danger to the surroundings of your vehicle turn off your lights

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