Total system meltdown imminent

Election day is going to be quite the shit show let's talk about it

Written By engineerisaac

Posted: Wed, Aug 05, 2020 at 8:31 AM - Showing 743 Views

The 2020 November election is going to be quite a show never have we been so polarized then today. 20/20 has ramped up to be one of the most craziest years of all time

Society is not going to allow peaceful transfer of power. Especially now with The idea of mailing ballots.

Let's say we create a hypothetical situation here let's say that we set it up to where Trump does win the left will not allow it they will become unhinged and will become violent they are fully in this belief that Donald Trump should have never been the president and because he was it was a legitimate and they spent their entire tenure on trying to remove him without success.

You'd be afford to think that they would change their mind now if you want another term I predict violence and unrest but I do not know how to prevent or subside.

Or the other hypothetical Trump loses to Joe Biden and Joe Biden becomes our president Trump and the right will declare fraud of some format saying that the mailing ballots are illegitimate.

Even more disturbing is a man with onset dementia will become our president now he himself won't be the problem it will be those who surround himself.

If anything Joe Biden is the perfect Manchurian candidate except the difference is it's not foreign actors it's domestic.