Don't take the counter offer

The counter offer may look lucrative but it won't last long

Written By engineerisaac

Posted: Tue, Aug 11, 2020 at 8:07 AM - Showing 631 Views

You found a better job which is beautiful good on you but your hesitant to leave it because it's change and changes scary.

during your ex interview you're offered a counter off er The numbers look pretty good when you're considering sticking with that same company.

Don't do it it is a trap!

The company is panicking they see you as a threat to leave they're making an offer that they probably can't sustain for a long term things change within a month most times and you will find yourself of what they thought you were a value to being a financial burden amongst the company.

think about it for so long you were getting paycheck x and now you're immediately offered paycheck z?

Did they just have that money laying around the whole time?

The answer is most likely no they did not they're worried they're going to lose you and they're not sure how they're going to handle your loss so they're going to entice you to try and break the relationship you currently have with your new employer and buy more time out of you then they'll have the ability to renegotiate or tell you that they're cutting your hours to compensate for the pay raise.

if by chance you have a new offer that gets you paid more in the long run take that over the counter offer.

In the moment they're panicking but they will keep their head high and move forward without you.

very rarely will a company actually stop working once you leave they usually find a way around you and you will eventually become irrelevant within the company within a few short months of being gone.

Sometimes your coworkers that you used to work with will be sad that you're going but will love to change that comes behind you after you're gone typically when key employees leave a company restructuring happens and it weeds out a lot of bad blood or bad policy.

So in my historical point of view never take the counter offer keep your head high and leave with grace and be excited about your new position where the money is offered to you at the start which means they can afford it through the long run.