It's hard not to be a nihilist.

Why are we so easily nihilistic? why are we so prone to destroy each other when we have the capacity for so much greatness.

Written By engineerisaac

Posted: Fri, Oct 09, 2020 at 8:24 AM - Showing 548 Views

It's incredible why are we so affixated on destroying each other? we as humans have the capacity to build empires cities even tallest skyscrapers the deepest caves the fastest airplanes but yet we also have this extreme capacity to destroy each other based upon differing ideology.

It's depressing but yet at the same time understandable. we are quite literally a bunch of goldfish spinning around in a bowl forgetting what happened on the first rotation. We have this incredible ability to log history but yet this inability to read the logs.

What a new conflict arises we do not translate what happened in the past to what is happening now because it is different so therefore it must be a new experience or it must be different.

Unfortunately if you spread this history that has been written down across the great timeline you find that it's all the same it's always the same it's conflict in general a does not like b so a decides to kill b regardless of where you are when you are how you are or what you are the conflict is always the same.

it's so easy to become a nihilist because of all the things that can happen with the simple conflict when you throw your hands in the air and you decide I'm done I don't care anymore.

It is so hard to see the good and things even though they're all around us something as simple as the constant sunrise each morning something we don't think about or take for granted that a giant burning ball of gas in space is keeping our planet warm and alive.

We exist in a small bubble of kindness known as humanity amongst a murderous and hostile universe.

everything we know about the Grand universe everything that we have researched all of it points to the idea that it wants to kill us if we leave our small planet but yet we aspire to things that we cannot have so we venture into space.

Conflicts typically boils from a telling b to cannot have and I believe that that is the experiment to create great conflict.

So it's easily to say I am a nihilist but I'm hopeful to be an optimist