History rolls within a generation

Humans are not smart enough to remember nor are they able to correlate history

Written By engineerisaac

Posted: Mon, Nov 09, 2020 at 5:46 PM - Showing 623 Views

Is rarely possible to teach others based upon previous understanding. typically a person needs to experience something for themselves to understand if it's good or bad for them.

And in that logic you will find that there are a lot of people out there who will never learn from history because they believe it does not apply to them or they believe that the situation is drastically different enough to not apply.

Because of this we rarely see people learn from historical past findings in fact people who do make effort to record history their effort is usually in vain as enough time has passed that the context will lose its nature.

Red flags and warnings written on scrolls and stones and other documents of age are rarely seen as a logical cross pattern with modern events.

It's unfortunate but it's hard to find enough people to believe that history will prevent us from causing trouble because there's too many of us that believe that today is different and it has never happened before That's history does not apply in this situation.

Everything will boil down to the gyms and wild accusations will be told about someone being either extremely good or extremely bad.

Point in case everyone uses Hitler now as a baseline derogative association of character.

And well I am absolutely not defending Hitler we learn from the past that world war II has brought us the modern jet engine that we use so beautifully today but we don't associate that with Hitler at all even though Hitler was very much a tyrant in innovation of aviation.

So technically speaking we have a very hard time as humans to look at the past and say this is happening again except the people and the timing are different.

And now unfortunately with the amount of connectivity we have amongst our peers using the internet opinions run rampant and and social circles are much larger now where before the internet social circles were a matter of 10-15 people the internet has translated that circle into roughly 200 to 500 people of ideologies.