5 Ways to get Hired

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Why is it that so many people think that there is a some lack there of jobs in this nation?

Well a lot of it has to do with the boat load of homework it takes just to get seen. The average person who is unemployed takes usually 8 months to become hired. 90% of that frustration is related around the issues of filling out miles of redundant garbage. To add fuel to that frustration is once you are done filling out there 100 page questionnaire. Your results get turned into a pie chart that takes all your hard work down to a simple and boiled down Yes/No figure. The Internet has done some amazing things. But there is companies that have "Simplified" the hiring process for the employer.

While many employers will discourage you from thinking outside the box i'm here to tell you sometimes that's what you need. So Lets get started with my 5 reasons you could be hired.

1. Stop chasing the big cats.
Nobody is hired to a large chain by you knocking on the front door. It never happens. Your only bet to getting the big gig is to go through a person on the inside. and No sorry recruiters are not in it for your best interest. Sorry recruiters don't fool yourself and others. Your Jobs you have on your desk are entry level and undercut to get your commission.

2. Don't believe the mom and pops of the world only sell things from the past.
You would not believe how many small shops out there are doing such amazing work. Believe it or not most companies are not interested in making their corporate image look national. They are passionate about the local customer base they serve every day. Many times of you follow that same passion you can follow its rewards.

3. Stop putting fluff in your resume.
Stop telling people you are a visionary leader. Or an Entrepreneur, Even if you fully believe you are don't say it. People can see it in your actions not your words. It's something that when written down or spoken only makes you look smug and full of yourself. You're more than welcome to write down that you have accomplished so very much in your life but use words that have context to that cause not blanket statements that mean nothing.

4. Stop believing that you're outnumbered.
The moment you give up is the moment you truly have lost. If you believe that what you have is all you're going to get isn't so. Start doing things that make you a person of interest. Going into an interview desperate makes the hiring process turn into a pity party. And it won't get you a job.

5. Pretend to be confident
Pretend to be confident (Even if you're not)rnI cannot tell you how many times confidence landed me an on the spot job even when it was sweating bullets. Confidence radiates and can be easily faked to get you landed. The best part is there is no guilt later. Adding confidence fake or not will get you more and more true ability in being confident later. Many times people will see this and start to absorb the feeling and get more accomplished. The employment staff will notice this really fast too making you look like the office hero.

Now i'm not here to tell you what to do and not do. Take what I always say with a grain of salt. There is no such thing as a life manual. Every experience is different. So be radiant in your life.

"try to project the reality you wish to see." - Joe Bramer

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