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When you look for a job you tend to spend a lot of time looking and begging through the application process. Thinking you will never find a place to have purpose or making a living. Well maybe you are looking at it the wrong way?

Some of the best companies out there hire without some 400 Question system by a third party vendor. Some of the greatest jobs landed by some of the most brilliant people were landed by a simple "Hey I need a job" email.

We tend to look at the employment process backwards as employees. Many times you have never been in a direct hiring and management position so you make the assumption they are combing over your every fiber to figure you out.

This can't be further from what happens behind closed doors. If your Resume is genuine and you have actually achieved 4 years in the industry. or You actually know russian. You are more than likely to land the job in a demanded market.

There are so many people in this era who are not self starters, Go getters or people who add the extra drop in the bucket. So it's easy to lose confidence in your ability against the mass. But consider that when any company anywhere hires they do it because they have a problem they need you to fix. If you become a new problem to them you lose your shine rather fast.

Usually they say keep your head down and don't cause waves. Now this can be true to some extent however you always should pick your battles as they also say. A person well listened to is someone who doesn't speak often about petty things but when something is wrong or against the grain when that person speaks everybody always listens.

Be that person. Be the soft spoken one with brilliant and efficient ideas to help the company. A great employer will notice these things and will find ways to compensate you because you helped them. If they don't or if they are the type who give you a pat on a back then turn around as if it was their idea then you really must question your time devoted to getting ran over.

The era of a 30 Year Career that your grandad had is almost over. Fewer and fewer companies do this and will axe you even if you cracked your time. The new era is in your innovations and your efforts.

the 21st century america is about getting the job done. doing so will get you made and get you paid. Falling to HR antics and inner office gossip will get you back here looking for your next adventure.

What to take out of this is today companies hire you. So be that person they want hired by going that extra step but don't let them take complete advantage of you. Test the waters share your ideas. If you get to the point where you regret your idea sharing that company is not for you.

Linkedin has turned into a great storage container for your achievements. and is turning into the employers way to find you and what you have accomplished. so be sure to keep it updated. Even if it's not a paid account.

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