Ender 3 BLtouch 4.2.7

The Reason BLtouch isnt working.

Written By engineerisaac

Posted: Sun, Mar 21, 2021 at 7:22 PM - Showing 468 Views

After many painful hours trying to get the BL touch to work on the 2021 Ender Firmware. Ive come to find out the ender now has a dedicated port for the unit. And no longer does the riser work.


While what your looking at is the "Forced view" its most likely they are going to change the port to be one plug but they upgraded the board and their new BL touch line will ship with the one plug.

But for those of you who used the riser card and the adapter you'll be stuck wondering why your BLTouch does not work. This is why. So the solution is to jam the old plugs into the new port.