Connected Humans

Written By engineerisaac

Posted: Mon, Sep 18, 2017 at 12:04 AM - Showing 511 Views

Listen carefully. Its important and I don't want it to be misplaced.

Natural Disasters are needed in the world. And Let me take a moment to help you all understand my logic.
Without them we lose touch of what is really important. We can lose everything and continue on in life. But when you lose a loved one or a friend its done and that person will never come back. Sometimes we find ourselves connected to the hate we feel for others. We get so wrapped up on choosing a color or a side that we polarize ourselves to life itself.

We need to be reminded daily that life is a beautiful journey not a political, religious, race or agenda driven path.
I Understand many will tell me that I might be mistaken. However It is extremely important to be connected with your fellow human.
Too many days we find hate and anger for the anonymous soul to our lefts and rights. May times we find ourselves so isolated we lack interest in knowing our neighbor.

We NEED to be reminded that the purpose of life is to exist together on this beautiful planet, How you choose to spend your time here is up to you. However we all must adventure together. This is why I love the Magic of Friendship. And this is why I love those little ponies. They teach us so much and they remind me daily to always find the brighter side of a cloudy storm no mater the wake.

Don't be mistaken. I don't hope for destruction or death to achieve our need to be connected. I Believe that in order for us to reset the native angers of a distracted population. Something extreme has to unite us. And Nothing is as extreme as a Natural disaster. To control the weather is to control the world. I am glad we don't control the weather.

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