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I went into sprint's corporate store to get an upgrade. It all started due to my battery life on my S7. Im typically really fragile with my phones I always get a nice protective case and take extreme measures to make great care of my phones. Ide Keep my S7 easily If it wasn't that the battery is glued in with a thin sheet of glass.

I was approved for an upgrade they said. So I went into the store. I asked for the Blackberry Key one. I was game for the upgrade entirely up till they asked if my phone was damaged in any way. Me being a honest person stated yes the back plane on the phone is cracked. And then proceeded to tell them the knock it took while I was ironically cleaning the gunk that cases can catch when being installed for awhile.

Now the back plate of a S7 is a thin sheet of glass it is a rough 7 dollar fix to repair. and it does not attend to any of the function of the phone. So back on point the employee at the store proceeded to tell me it would be 200 dollar upgrade fee at that point. While me being a logical person I opted to repair the phone with a new battery and a back plate. where they told me it would be a 300 dollar insurance deductible. I rejected both ideas and departed the store.

I then proceeded to the sprint live chat and went through 15 Different agents who didn't care and spouted off random price tags at me and all of them had predefined responses. I even went so bold as to tell one agent "Ill find somebody with a heart here.. Clearly its not you. But mark my words ill find them" They then proceeded to tell me the case is in escalations and a Corporate team will contact me. I also argued how my time was wasted for the 15 different agents.

I then to my supersize was offered a 50 dollar credit to the bill to mend my wasted time that I accepted.

Next morning I got a call from corporate with an agent trying to give me the business, He first told me that the call would be recorded for quality and I made the same statement he then told me that its against sprints policy for customers to record the call and they would hang up. (How shady) So I told him that He can record and that is fine I consent but mentioned that I live in Colorado to affirm the Colorado wiretapping laws. After that he then proceeded about how im wrong and how my argument isn't up to me what things should cost and how I should pay to get the upgrade.

Now granted I am not one to expect things for free. However I do hold people down to the promises they make and as far as the government is concerned sprint is a person. And sprint promised me the ability not to get hassled about updating my leased phone with a bad battery I cant change. After I got the grief from the agent I went into full blow dig mode and started to reason with the agent about the damages on the phone and what the actual cost vs damage to the phone is. I argued how the damages are a non issue at the rate they will sell a used phone of my state back to the public.

After grinding through this man I got fed up and played the manager game. He promptly told me the manager wont be able to help me either. he then tried to get rid of me by playing the hold game and "I need to find a manager" or "Ill transfer you" Delays with silent holds and false phone fumbling. Techniques vie learned at IBM.

I Then while getting the hold game started talking to the quality control as if they recording would be reviewed later. Stating the directive I am experiencing the hold times the call times. Granted I am talking to hold music here.. Instantly after I started Laying out a QC Report over the drone hold music the Agent quickly cuts in to the call with a bit of a changed attitude and states how he found me a manager and he will transfer me right away.

I then am transferred to Josh. And I remember his name as he is the first person who actually listened to me. I explained my situation my stupidity in dropping the phone and how I actually am really good with phones, He understood and told me the S7 back is a lot like a Iphone front super fragile and if that is the only thing broken then its a non Issue. Exactly the same point I was making all along.

Then he decided to reset my upgrade full and told me a box will come for my old phone and my new phone can be picked up. After going to the store and gladly paying the 30 dollar upgrade fee. Im Now a happy owner of the new Blackberry Key One.

Along the way of this upgrade Ive learned so much about how sprint Operates that i Wanted to share it with you.

1. Sprint Techs in the stores cant actually fix your phone. They typically export your contacts and pictures. Factory default your phone and Put your data back in its place.

2. Only sprint "Techs" can decide if your phone is broken and eligible for repair claims. Even when they cannot actually repair or fix things.

3. Sprint will push you through at least 5 hours of grief before being willing to compromise.

4. Your Insurance is not a part of sprint The monthly fee is a payment to a 3rd party insurance company with extremely outrageous requirements.

5. Ask if the phone is actually in stock before going through the in store process.

6. It takes 6 Days for a phone to arrive at a sprint store.

7. Sprint store employees work on shift cycles dont expect to see the same people there daily and they wont remember who you are.

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