Lies in AIO Marketing Platforms
Posted on Mon, Sep 18, 2017 at 12:04 AM With 564 Views

Listen. Don't pay for anything automatic. If they are claiming they have built a "Tool" to manage your social media. Take time to consider why they made that tool in the first place. The Winner in marketing is ROI and Monthly residuals. To you the user that's Monthly payments. But Little did you know. Those tools grant themselves full access to your account at the same control levels you have. Leaving room for empowerment or hostage situations.

Facebook and many other platforms if a profile is setup correct you can automate your social media experience with ZERO costs. Hand holding Dashboards are a cash grab. Many of these tools can be found free of charge.

My website has many of these very same tools free of charge to show the world they are getting taken for a ride monthly.

Be careful. don't Sign contracts without reading them. And if its more then 100 bucks a month for marketing a site and returns you less then 300 users a day. You got problems.