Our country might be in a state of decay

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Posted: Thu, Feb 15, 2018 at 9:22 AM - Showing 599 Views

So after listening to all the statements and press conferences relating to this recent shooting in Florida it got me thinking about a lot of different things within our country.

Never before have we been so polarized things are leaning more towards the left in the right the red in the blue the right in the wrong by definitive nature of each person it's starting to create worry in my mind that we cannot collectively work together as a peaceful people.

We are currently looking to snitch on her neighbor gone are the days where you can go to your neighbor's house and ask for a cup of sugar.

Going to the days in which your kids can play outside unmolested.

Are political stance no matter what party affiliation you believe you are part of is completely out of whack and in complete chaos at all times never before have we had 24 hour news coverage surrounding our president.

News actually isn't factual anymore if anything it's just a legitimate reporting based upon justifiable opinion of said person.

This worries me because kindness is almost lost upon Society.

Quite frankly I'm not exactly sure what we're supposed to do to fix it but I do see the problem however to fix it it requires all of us to start becoming trustworthy people again to understand integrity and know what's right and wrong to help people who look like they need help and not ask someone else to do it.

We need to take the initiative to be helpful to our humankind and not premeditated judgement of people before they're even given a chance to speak.

This circumstance could have been better understood if we reacted better to the information we had, could it be that this kid has been giving us lots of red flags and we have been forwarding the information on to the next person that's making nothing go into effect?

Don't be Miss confused at no point in my defending this kids actions because they are terrifying horrifying and incorrect and at this point he's a villain not a victim.

But could it be that this kid had mental illness in which he was asking for help getting nowhere with the help he didn't turned to rage anger frustration then ultimately down an evil path?

I deal with mental illness daily it comes in many formats it comes also in Disguise some people are actually very functional people this also has a heavy requirement of the upbringing of the person if they are brought up in a good home the odds are they probably have a format of mental illness that they can overcome because of the kindness and care that they were given growing up.

But if they grow up in a broken home you may very well see what the product result is of lack thereof family understanding.

Sadly our government cannot be the answer they're not very good at anything they have the best intentions however all of their actions are based upon overthrowing power Or creating rules and regulations that no doubtfully just create more problems in different ways

I'm not saying I know the answer I just wish to say that I'm extremely worried about the state of our country and I am hopeful that we can find kindness again.

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