24 hour media is destroying society.

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It's true 24 hour media is destroying our society

Let's go back in history and look at the origin of the television, the television didn't always have commercials in fact most television programming wasn't 24 hour based it originally had a handful of programming and then it would go into offline mode for a duration of time.

1024 our broadcasting station started kicking off and to fund them commercials with started appearing however the programming access to the general public was ultimately free your biggest financial hardship was buying a TV.

Then came the day of solid cable access and satellite and which point exploited this principal by saying we are broadcasting and giving you a better quality signal so therefore you are paying for the better connection

Thus began the Empire of the cable networks. Rates for initially inexpensive but now on top of 24 hour media we also have 24 hour commercials on top of that be paying outrageous bill

We are exploited into better internet speed by attaching TV service like a cancer to our invoices.

Currently more then 3 generations of humans watch television that's making it the biggest marketing and advertising cool we've ever seen.

You may not have realized it but it is now in control of your life, telling you how to dress what the roads look like how to cook how to make things how to feel what's to think.

Our society is starting to believe that television is a reality of the world we are getting so disconnected by crime shows and action drama trailers that we feel this needs to live that type of lifestyle on the real world

Humans are actually quite native league good people we're actually quick to judge quick to profile I'm quick to make unreasonable decisions most of these decisions in your life have been subliminally assisted by the television in your home.

Television is destroying Society and quite literally we need the manpower and willpower of this great civilization to understand when we are truly connected we are actually together alone

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