Cutting the cord has only begun

Written By engineerisaac

Posted: Mon, Jul 16, 2018 at 1:23 PM - Showing 585 Views
Cable companies and television providers have been put on notice. A recent survey proof that people are more confused and disgruntled about their television Bill than ever before fact it has gotten so bad that the baby boom generation is starting to become fed up with it as well.

These people are spending six to $700 a month just to watch TV in their whole home with rental box fees and federal fees and fees that don't make any sense or adjust each and every built or the price tag is different with no good reason people are looking for alternatives

Must be honest we're really starting to get into the Heyday of the internet where speeds are now getting decent to stream high-quality content

Big contenders like Netflix and Hulu are pressing forward on internet ability as it's their lifeblood so with that being said there's nothing stopping other providers to fill the television Gap with more Affordable Services

Set TV was one of those Services set out to undermine that business model but was quickly shut down due to their efforts of content acquisition

The only cable providing service out there right now that's really stepping up their online game is Comcast with their new X1 platform

But they themselves are not exempt from the evil that they are bad billing practices and strong-arming the customer has to come to a close

We are quite literally seeing the infancy of this battle and we really don't know how it's going to play out but if I was to make a prediction I would say that we're more likely to see more internet startup companies offer smaller levels of service but I'm Morella cart driven with better billing practices to undermine the bigger dogs to level the playing field and create a more natural and competitive state which is where it really should be anyway.

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