Self-driving cars will they work mainstream?

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Posted: Mon, Jul 16, 2018 at 1:39 PM - Showing 617 Views

In America we're seeing the infancy of something awesome. We are seeing the birth of the Practical smart car that will self drive you to the local grocery store then go pick up your kid while you shop.

But all sounds pretty cool in theory however we have a couple problems with the self-driving world

Right now there's a lack of what to do when it comes to who is at fault for an accident or fatality on the road currently we have an entire law book written around the idea that there will be a person sitting in the driver's seat at all times so therefore liability can rest on the shoulders of that person but what happens when you have a technology behind the wheel with no person there to manage it?

The answer is definitely not a simple one in fact it's probably the biggest controversy that surrounds the self-driving market right now who do we blame when something bad happens?

Each and every state how's this opportunity to opt in and allow self-driving cars on their roads only a few states are allowing true autonomy at the moment however you probably have seen the average Tesla on the road with driver-assist of capacity let's not be confused it is just like self-driving except you're still liable and you're technically still driving

My personal prediction will be that the autonomous circuit will be born through Transit and transport that means truck drivers will probably be the first to go but not right out of the gate they'll still need to be somebody inside the cab in maintaining that computer during the time of innovation and development which will most likely be more than a few decades long

When it comes to autonomy we have a few problems first I already covered it who's to blame if something goes wrong but then there are others such as processing power power consumption communication since 3 and other extremely variable scenarios that must line up to make self-driving proper

Personally I believe that a good place to start would be by creating a law on a federal level that implies that anybody found interfering with an autonomous vehicle with intention to derail or destroy the vehicle is held liable

This could be as simple as cutting a vehicle off or tricking the sensors into breaking when it does not need to or any malintention

The second potential step would be to create a large marketing campaign to make the public aware of this that's creating a superficial stigma to avoid the vehicle at all costs

Three make a visual requirement on the vehicle itself that there is no driver and the vehicle is purely powered autonomously

This will create to mental scenarios in the drivers on the road they will proceed with caution around this vehicle in to look upon with excitement amazing Wonder

And then finally allow the practice to be placed in the real world to create understanding and follow through.

I will be completely honest when I say autonomous vehicles are quite some time out for practicality and majority on the road as there will always be motorhead's and enthusiasts who will not enjoy the idea of being driven but would rather drive

Cars to people on many occasions are just as strong as the gun argument so telling people that they can no longer drive on the roads that they pay taxes for will not fly in any practical sense

But let's also pay close attention to the idea that smart cars have only been in development now for less than 10 years

Smart vehicles have a long way to go and it'll be a long and controversial Road filled with news articles and opinions

But if we all look at a Thomas Vehicles as a positive impact on the world we will eventually come to a stalemate of understanding with these computer counterparts on the road driving with us

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