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Changing the World for You (SFM)

Change is terrifying.


Reactors, please put 'Herostrain' in the tags of your videos so I can find them easier!


Song: I'd Love to Change the World - Jetta


Featured on Equestria Daily!


Maps Used (in order of appearance)
-Canterlot War Games
-Flat Grassvoid Dark
-Degroot Keep Dark

Models Used
Nightmare Moon Overhaul
Celestia Overhaul
Luna Overhaul


Luna's Chariot


Fun facts about this video!

1. Every moon or sun seen in the video was actually added in post

2. Nightmare Moon's mane was added entirely through post and took several hours to make for each shot.

3. I had the idea for this video since 2013, and in one form or another was scrapped 4 different times.

4. There is a spy crab hidden somewhere in the video.

5. This video was started officially merely 1 week after Pinked was completed.

6. In terms of post production, the value of this video is more than all past videos combined.

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