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#71 Tue, May 01, 2018 at 11:08 AM
Many of you out there would like to be making more money maybe your living paycheck-to-paycheck well I'm here to tell you that you're not alone. Millions of people just like yourself live paycheck to paycheck each and every month.

Most just like you are wanting to get out of this rut and would like to start amassing of wealth or start getting to the point where they start living comfortably.

Well I'm here to tell you it's actually quite easy to get this way and it requires set pads and goals and It ultimately discipline.

The most important thing that you have to realize is that you are actually in control of the amount of money that comes in and goes out of your life.

It starts with attitude it starts with the perception of going to work each and every day in this belief that you are doing a good job you're working your hardest and your best and not just that you believe it that it also means that you have to show physical proof that you're actually doing well. Why do I say it this way it's because others have to believe that you are doing good work they have to see it just as you do.

Sadly us humans are social creatures as much as we talk about equality fairness and bureaucracy it always boils down to emotion at the end of the day how people feel tense to describe and dictate your bottom line.

Which people are negatively pessimistic we also are really easy to fall into a systematic rut. I'm here to tell you otherwise push yourself everyday to get better to do harder to do more to learn something.

Your bottom line is purely described in how well you work and how well you are received by others. Have you noticed this though you'd walk into a performance review and 9 out of 10 times you're talking about social issues rather than productivity?

Usually they glanced over your merits of hard work to talk slowly about what one co-worker said about you?

Don't let this get you down you have to learn how to brush things off move on get past it because it's important to remain optimistic in the world that's filled with pessimism.

Another element that keeps you down is your spending habits the rich are typically Rich because they're extremely good Savers they're very Savvy and let's be honest they don't like spending their money.

They hoard zeros like you hoard things and that's the difference you both tend to hold things and collect things but between the both of you one collects the amount of zeros in their bank account and one collects the amount of toys they have in their garage.

The crazy part is is that those who collect the zeros first tend to be able to get the second part as well those people are quite capable of playing the long game.

Also there's the matter of debt don't get yourself into debt it may be really easy to look at that credit card and say wow that's a lot of extra money that I could just spend right now problem is is that debt is actually modern day slavery

A good Golden Rule to keep his don't spend other people's money spend your money and only your money.

Negotiate bills as much as humanly possible nobody pays attention to the billing process not MediCal not your internet bill nobody. Most times a company's billing process is so convoluted that not one single person knows how it works they just know the section in which they work it so with that being said you can always use that to your advantage.
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