Your driving style wake up call

Written By engineerisaac

Posted: Tue, Feb 20, 2018 at 10:24 AM - Showing 789 Views

Hey you just got that brand new lifted truck and you're from Texas or California and just move to Colorado you're making lots of money and weed and oil down here I'm in Justin all of the sudden it snows

Your truck can go through anything it's the biggest most badass device you've ever seen or purchase

So you're going down the highway thinking nothing can stop you go in about 75 miles an hour roughly in the area of the speed limit and you think by tailgating this a****** who isn't going fast enough for your lifestyle is inconveniencing you

What s*** all of the sudden in your anger you had a patch of slushie snow and your truck decides to convert into the centered medium oh no it's too late you're going in lucky for you the Colorado Department of Transportation has installed cables down the center median don't worry it'll catch you

What low and behold it totally caught you it also wrapped the cables around your entire lifted kit causing thousands of dollars worth of damage to your vehicle but don't worry you're safe I know me blocked up traffic for a couple hours

Alright in the sad tire I'll be completely honest when I say welcome to Colorado this isn't Texas weather here is entirely unpredictable you need to stop being in such a darn hurry everyday but you take back in account your life safety and drive with responsibility rather than with a hurry

I put thousands of miles under my belt each month the believing when I say I see it every single day you Texas in California drivers of the absolute worst granted of Colorado ones on the bus drivers either but you have to realize if this is Colorado in the road is in charge not your car

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